Marihuana Laws

Spain is home to some of the most experienced cannabis users in the world, behind only Iceland and the United States in rates of consumption with ten percent of the population using marijuana regularly (The Local). Spanish cannabis laws reflect the cannabis-friendliness in the country – under Spanish Penal Code, the sale of cannabis is illegal, but consumption is not. Private possession of marijuana has been legal in the country for years, meaning that as long as your marijuana stays in your house or on private property, it is legal.
In July of 2015, a change in law also effectively decriminalised the cultivation of marijuana in private places, as long as the cultivation is out of view of the public. Mallorca´s culture is very cannabis friendly, and although it is not legal, visitors to the Island can typically find marijuana very easily and it’s not uncommon to see marijuana being consumed in public. It’s particularly common in urban centres, such as Palma Downtown, or outside of bars and clubs at night. We are not encouraging illegal behaviour, and it is always recommended to use your common sense and discretion if looking to consume marijuana in a foreign country.

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