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before we start - we do not sell weed !


Where to find weed - CANNABIS ?

Most places where you can score easy weed is with the black hat sales man ¨Looky Looky men ¨
They sell toys and hats at most beaches in Palma.
Quality is not very good but is easy enough to get.
Be carefull for the police though, as buying in Mallorca is not Legal !

If you need a safe way to score some weed, contact us through our facebook page.


If you are a Cannabis consumer, then Mallorca is definitely the perfect holiday destination! This Balearic Island is full of life and fun, surely a perfect destination for relaxing holidays.

If you can’t or don’t want to give up Cannabis, then Mallorca could be an island full of surprises and opportunities. However, pay attention and inform yourself before travelling so you will avoid problems and you will be able to enjoy an absolutely perfect holiday!

Is cannabis legal in Mallorca?
Just like everywhere else in Spain, Mallorca follows the same laws in terms of Cannabis. Indeed, you need to keep in mind that although Cannabis is tolerated, it’s definitely not legal!

If you are asking yourself how this is even possible given the growth of Social clubs, then let me tell you. In reality, both Spain and Mallorca witness a legislative gap in terms of Cannabis, which allowed for the consumption of marijuana only under certain conditions without enacting laws about it.

In few words, both the production and consumption of Cannabis are forbidden in Spain, however, private property and individual freedom are protected very well. This means that whatever the citizen decides to do in his property, is not the State’s business and generally the government cannot intervene. As long as you cultivate and consume cannabis privately, then you are allowed to do so. Be careful though that “privately” means being in a place that is not exposed to the public: for example, your balcony would not be private as it’s visible externally.

Another aspect protected by Spanish law is the freedom of association. This led to the creation of private clubs where subscribers delegate the cultivation of their own plants and go there to buy and smoke weed. 

Unfortunately in Mallorca, there a NO clubs yet for tourism as this is still illegal in Mallorca ( only residents have access and need to have a Spanish DNI to get it )

Be careful though that even if buying Cannabis is legal for personal use, Mallorca does not excuse anyone who is found in possession of marijuana in the streets!

Now that you have this information, you will understand how risky it is to look for drugs in any other way. Also, keep in mind that buying drugs supplied by criminality, it’s a punishable offense that could take you to jail. Let’s see now where to find Cannabis.

Now not to have scared you off, if you buy some weed and you consume it out of sight. Nothing will happen to you and it’s very nice consuming weed in Mallorca.

COVID-19 has made a big dent in Cannabis cultivation here at Mallorca, lot of private sellers have lost their stash due to the police raiding the island.

At the moment the prices for good weed are steep and not dropping any time soon.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to join any clubs in Mallorca, Police and the government have very strict rules in place for foreigners or no Spanish citizens.
Many clubs have tried letting tourists in and got closed down by the police by force. An example is 2019 the club Humo and 2020 Green Smurf got closed down after random checks.


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Somango from Soma Seeds is a 75% indica strain bred by crossing Jack Herer, Super Skunk, and Big Skunk Korean. Formerly known as Soma #5


Be advised

Where ¨NOT¨ to look for Weed !!!

1. Looky Looky men on the beach ( hat salesmen that sell toys, hats, fruits, etc ) the weed they sell is very bad quality, expensive, and usually moldy ¨toxic¨
2. Son Banya – this is a very dangerous place to try and find something and crawling with police checks. Many tourists have gotten robbed, beaten, or even killed during the last few years.
3. Magaluf – the tourist place for youngsters, lots of drugs to be found but the increase of police undercover has grown last few years. It’s hard to spot police undercover and you could get into serious trouble.
4. Instagram – be careful looking for weed sellers on Instagram, they let you send money upfront and never deliver the goods, or they meet you to make the exchange and give you something you do not want. NEVER PAY UP FRONT !!

So how can I get some good weed and safe?

Contact us on Facebook and we will put you in contact with a reliable source.
We have helped out tourists for over 8 years and our contacts are solid, verified, and recommended.

How much does weed cost on the island?
It variates from season to season, if there is a lot of demand prices go up. Usually really good quality goes between 14€ and 18€ a gram and that’s at least a 9/10 quality.
You can get other quality weed prices between 10€ and 15€ but it’s always better to pay a few euros more and get top quality.

Cannabis tourism has become a popular trend in many parts of the world, including Mallorca. However, it is important to note that cannabis consumption and possession are illegal in Mallorca. Therefore, cannabis clubs that allow tourists to consume cannabis are also illegal.

In Mallorca, the local Balearic government has made it clear that it does not permit tourists to join cannabis clubs. This means that if you are a tourist in Mallorca, you cannot legally consume or possess cannabis, even if you join a club. Furthermore, cannabis clubs that allow foreigners to join are being closed down by the authorities.

The Spanish government has a policy of tolerating private cannabis use and possession for personal use, but it is still technically illegal. Spanish citizens with a Spanish ID card may join cannabis clubs, but foreigners with only a NIE (foreign identification number) cannot legally join them. The government’s position is that these clubs are private, member-only organizations for Spanish citizens, and they do not condone or promote drug tourism.

It is essential to understand the laws and regulations in the places you visit, especially when it comes to drug laws. In Mallorca and the rest of Spain, the authorities take a serious approach to drug use and possession, and tourists should be aware of the potential legal consequences of breaking the law.

In conclusion, cannabis tourism in Mallorca is illegal, and the local government does not permit tourists to join cannabis clubs. Clubs that allow foreigners in are being closed down, and only Spanish citizens with a Spanish ID card are legally allowed to join cannabis clubs. It is crucial to respect the laws and regulations of the places you visit, including drug laws.

A poem

In Mallorca’s sun-soaked land, A joint is passed from hand to hand, As smoke drifts lazily in the air, And worries vanish without a care.

The island’s beauty is enhanced, With each inhale, senses are entranced, The beaches, mountains, and blue sea, Become even more stunning with THC.

The sweet aroma lingers on, As friendships deepen and bonds are born, The world becomes a simpler place, As giggles and munchies take their place.

The weed’s effect is like a spell, As time seems to slow and dwell, In this paradise, it’s easy to see, Why smoking weed is so carefree.

But as the sun begins to set, The high begins to slowly ebb, And memories of a perfect day, Are all that’s left in its wake.

So if you find yourself in Mallorca’s land, With a joint in your hand, Take a deep breath, and let it be, A moment of pure tranquility.