No Masks on the beaches

The use of the mask on beaches and swimming pools will not be mandatory in the Balearic Islands if there is distance


The use of the mask on beaches and swimming pools will not be mandatory in the Balearic Islands if there is a safety distance during the Easter holidays. This was announced this Wednesday by the Minister of Health, Patricia Gómez. This Wednesday afternoon a resolution will be signed so that the agents are clear that the regulations that prevail is that of the Autonomous Community during these days.

However, if a person goes to the beach with another who is not from their coexistence group, they do have to use it. It should be remembered that no more than six people can meet, belonging to two nuclei of coexistence.

The publication in the BOE of a new national standard that makes the use of the mask mandatory always in outdoor spaces, also on beaches and swimming pools, although the safety distance can be maintained, has caused much controversy. In the Balearic Islands, the use of a mask is mandatory in all outdoor spaces, except on beaches and swimming pools if the safety distance can be kept.

However, the Minister of Health , Carolina Darias, explained in the meeting she has held with the autonomous communities that the new national standard has been processed as a bill, but has recognized that it has been left out of context and has proposed to work a technical-legal proposal with the participation of the autonomous communities to modify it if there is consensus.

Man sunbathing with surgical mask.

However, Gómez has explained that the Balearic Islands understand that the regulations of the Islands are not exceeded with the new Law because it indicates “in accordance with the health authorities”, so the use of the mask on beaches and swimming pools remains in force only if the safe distance cannot be maintained. This has been determined by the technicians with whom the Government has consulted.

The Minister of Health hopes that in the inter-territorial council on Wednesday of next week this rule can be clarified and hopes that the use of the mask in the open air is not mandatory if the safety distance can be kept. In this sense, he has stated that the Law is not suspended, what is done is interpreting it. It has also specified that if the aforementioned rule were maintained, it would not be possible to smoke on the street either.

Concern about the arrival of the fourth wave

On the other hand, Gómez has indicated that at the national level there is concern because the accumulated incidence rises one or two points every day, the arrival of the fourth wave is feared. There has also been talk of the lethality incidence of the pandemic, which has dropped.

In the case of those over 65 , there are now more outbreaks outside of residences than inside, where there are only two outbreaks in all of Spain.

In addition, it has been insisted that the European Medicines Agency will reposition itself on the Astrazeneca vaccine next week.

Asked by people with pathologies who have not been vaccinated, she has answered that the objective is to be able to eliminate those over 80 years of age in mid-April and, subsequently, to lower the age range.

Regarding quarantines , the possibility of increasing it to 14 days is being analyzed, since the virus lasts longer with the British strain.